A report on artificial intelligence natural language processing

Deep Learning Deep learning breakthroughs drive AI boom.

A report on artificial intelligence natural language processing

Using Natural Language Processing for Intelligence Reporting October 24, Tyler Schulze Artificial IntelligencePublic SafetyTranscriptionTranslation In the popular imagination, spies are people who travel to exotic locales, romance beautiful strangers and outwit evil geniuses.

In reality, the daily routine of many intelligence professionals consists of drudgery, sifting through vast numbers of research reports and writing up reports that summarize their critical points.

However, one company has devised a way to free intelligence analysts from this chore, using natural language processing technology to automate the process of analyzing writing data and producing concise reports.

The company, a startup called Primer, employs machine learning and natural language processing to automate the analysis of large datasets. Leveraging machine learning techniques, Primer can parse and collate large quantities of documents written in several languages.

It then can write a report based on its findings.

A report on artificial intelligence natural language processing

By taking over the mundane aspects of researching and writing, Primer allows intelligence analysts to focus on critical details contained within the reports.

The company said its technology takes mere seconds to accomplish tasks that would take days for a human.

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While many companies offer AI solutions that can ingest large amounts of data, Primer distinguishes itself by generating reports that are easy to digest, with readable summaries of the content analyzed.

Outside of the intelligence realm, Primer said its natural language processing technology is applicable to the finance, consumer insights and science businesses. The company described its technology as being able to continuously improve through feedback.

The technology can upgrade its capabilities as new analytic techniques, data sources and languages arrive. Other advantages cited by Primer include reduced bias, with its technology using robust statistical analysis baselined against all available data.

The system also is always on, delivering up-to-the-minute updates based on new information as it becomes available. San Francisco-based Primer recently emerged from stealth mode. Investors in the company include In-Q-Tel, a strategic investor that works with startups to promote the development technology useful to the U.

Most of prominent among these is Nervana, a deep learning AI company that was acquired by Intel in With Primer taking over the routine tasks of researching and writing reports, intelligence professionals presumably should be able to turn their attention to more serious spy work, such as car chases, gunfights and wielding high-tech gadgets.

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Enterprise Applications for Natural Language Processing Technologies (Processing, Understanding, Generation) Software and Systems: Market Analysis and Forecasts Global Hybrid Natural Language Processing/Other Artificial Intelligence Software Revenue; Natural Language Processing-Driven Automated Report Generation .

AWS provides a complete portfolio of tools and services for developing artificial intelligence applications with machine learning. Support for all major deep learning frameworks is provided, including TensorFlow and Apache MXNet.

Amazon SageMaker offers a fully managed machine learning platform to quickly build, train, and deploy models. Natural language processing (NLP) is an area of computer science and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, in particular how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data.

Natural language processing technology provides a potential solution for hospitals and payers looking to glean actionable insights from unstructured data, according to a report .

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