Balanced budget essay

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Balanced budget essay

The resolution requests that Congress convene a convention of states to consider amending the U. Constitution to require a balanced budget. Though little more than a huffy paper protest, the Legislature is fond of such exercises blasting the feds.

Richard Raymond D-Laredo co-authored the legislation and more than a dozen Democrats voted for it. Constitution requires that Congress convene a national convention for the purpose of amending the Constitution if two-thirds of the states call for one.

Balanced budget essay

Economists say that forcing a balanced budget during an economic turndown could cripple the national economy. More than two dozen states have passed resolutions calling for a balanced budget amendment by way of Article V, though there is some debate about the validity of some of the requests.

Balancing the federal budget would likely require large tax increases, spending cuts, or both. Supporters, including three Texas Democrats who voted for HJR 79, were loath to name specific tax increases or spending cuts they would support in order to balance the budget.

Sylvester Turner D-Houston after he voted for the resolution. When asked which programs he would cut or which taxes he would raise to accomplish that goal, Turner demurred. Texas passed convention-of-states resolutions into prevent school desegregation, and into balance the federal budget.

But Deshotel admits that it will likely be a long time before Congress calls a constitutional convention. John Savage is a writer based in Austin. Published Tue, May 12, at Essay A Balanced Budget?


This year President Clinton will submit his proposed legislation for the Federal Budget to Congress. The fact that we have divided government (ex., Democratic President, Republican majority in Congress) means the majority of that legislation won't make it through the first ten minutes of a Congressional session.

A Balanced Budget? This year President Clinton will submit his proposed legislation for the Federal Budget to Congress.

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The fact that we have divided government (ex. A Balanced Budget Essay Society seems content to complain about the government’s spending; all of the budget cuts, raised taxes, and our slow descent into a never-ending debt.

Americans, like myself, are so outspoken about the government’s wrongdoings and everyone seems to think that a solution is simple. Budget Strategies. Government Finance Review Articles. A Balanced Budget: It's Not Just About Cuts. Anatomy of a Priority-Based Budget Process.

Crafting a Plain-English Financial Policy. Developing an Investment Policy. GFOA's Distinguished Budget Presentation Program Achieves Major Milestone. After reviewing the literature of the mids, Briffault (, p60) concludes: “It seems likely that the real importance of a constitutional balanced budget requirement is that it signals the high value that a state’s political culture sets on a balanced budget.

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