Brand repositioning project

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Brand repositioning project

Lisa, a marketer in Washington D. Rebranding has become quite popular, especially for brands that want to shed a previously negative image. For instance, Philip Morris rebranded itself to Altria.

It typically includes changing most or all of the brand identity elements such as the name, icon, colors, type font and tagline.

The identity change may also be accompanied by brand repositioning.

Brand repositioning project

However, a brand can be repositioned without changing its identity. Repositioning focuses on changing what customers associate with the brand and sometimes competing brands. Taglines often change with brand repositioning to communicate the new promise. However, most brand repositioning projects do not result in completely changed identities.

That is, usually the brand name does not change. And frequently, neither do the identity elements other than the tagline and perhaps a slight identity system updating.

Another way to envision this is to think of a brand as a person.

Brand Positioning O..

If a person rebrands himself, he gains or loses weight, changes his hairstyle and color and wardrobe and perhaps changes his name. If the person repositions himself, he changes his values, attitude, personality or behavior.

Any combination of these changes can occur together or separately. In summary, rebranding is an identity change. These changes can be performed together or separately.BrandAid is a branding and design agency based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Our work includes, strategy, brand development, brand advertising, packaging design, websites and advertising campaigns. The positioning of a new brand often evolves from a competition-based approach to one that places greater emphasis on customers' goals as knowledge of the brand increases.

Once a brand is well-established, a single statement, such as the one below, may serve to capture elements of both competition-focused and customer-focused positioning.

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Description: Brand management is a long-term process that involves awareness of the unique challenges that confront the brand as it progresses across the different stages of its life.

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