Business report set outlook

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Business report set outlook

Press release Global insurance industry set to grow more strongly by The global insurance industry is likely to see slightly increased growth by Better economic prospects in the USA and in many emerging markets will offset negative factors such as declining growth in the Chinese market.

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In the longer term, the emerging markets of Asia will have the greatest growth potential, and their share of primary insurance premium is expected to be on a par with that of Western Europe in the next few years.

Overall, the international primary insurance sector will grow by 4. Whilst premium income is likely to grow only nominally this year, slightly higher real growth of 3. Premiums in the insurance sector are therefore likely to evolve in line with the global economy, which should show real growth of 2.

This is leading to increased growth in property-casualty insurance. In most of the industrialised world — in the eurozone, the USA, and Japan — demand has been bolstered by a solid economic environment. We project that life insurance there will see only marginal growth owing to the low-interest-rate environment.

By contrast, demand in the emerging markets will continue to rise appreciably. Growth prospects for insurers are therefore looking a little brighter worldwide.

Projected inflation-adjusted growth will thus be roughly half a percentage point below global economic growth. The established markets of Europe and North Africa will naturally see a much lower rate of expansion.

There are many different reasons for the weaker pace of growth in property-casualty insurance. The insurance industry is now beginning to respond to mounting pressure in a number of industrialised countries. Companies have been consistently developing their business models; new products, sales channels, and coverage concepts have been cultivated for new risks such as cyber attacks; and IT systems have been modernised.

As a result, new business opportunities are gradually opening up in these markets. Stronger growth in life insurance In life insurance, premium growth, which is driven by growth markets in Asia and Latin America, is expected to increase by over 4.

In Latin America, premiums in life insurance are likely to grow by almost 8. Prospects in the industrialised countries continue to be clouded by persistently low interest rates.

Premium growth here is likely to fall short of economic growth. However, strong premium expansion in the emerging markets will almost fully compensate for the moderate development in the industrialised countries.

Increasing market share of the emerging markets Given their strong growth rates, the emerging markets are gaining more and more weight in the international insurance industry: Rising standards of living and increasing insurance coverage needs are two major contributory factors.

Interest rate increases and demographic trends could revitalise the life insurance segment in the industrialised countries as well.

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It is expected overall that, bythe market share of emerging markets in Asia will — at North America will remain clearly in the lead at For further questions please contact Media Relations Munich.It depends on your business, but frequently it is set to “Email messages in response to CRM e-mail” or “Email messages from Accounts, Contacts & Leads”.

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business report set outlook

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If you would like to learn how to write a business report in English follow these tips and use the example report as a template on which to base your own business report. First of all, business reports provide important information for management that is timely and factual.

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