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All Undergraduate Programs A. Must satisfy the following requirements: Completion of at least credits, including major, minor, general education, specialization, concentration, exams, and electives coursework, as specified by program requirements. Completion of at least 50 percent of the credits in the major area at NSU not including CLEP, proficiency examinations, nor prior experiential learning credits.

College participation

See below or contact us at VFA aacc.

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Questions regarding VFA participation? Please contact us at VFA aacc. The VFA is the foundational accountability framework for our colleges for now and into the future and it gives community colleges what has long been lacking in reporting outcomes to the public and College participation The data collected and shared is specific to community colleges and focused on telling internal and external audiences what they need to know to shape improvement strategies and provide resources.

With better, more appropriate measures, our colleges can use the VFA for reporting to boards and local, state, and regional stakeholders; responding to calls for performance funding; shaping policy and advocacy; improving practices; identifying institutional effectiveness; and benchmarking to peer colleges.

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Also, the VFA Data Tool has the potential to streamline accountability reporting and improve transparency. It enables the colleges to do more, systematically, with data than ever before.

The tool gives colleges and IR staff methodologies and processes for data collection, in addition to an easy way to display and benchmark the data. The intention is to ease the burden on IR staff and, as community colleges and state systems adopt the VFA, leverage the data for multiple purposes internal improvement, as well as external accountability to further mitigate the burden on overly-taxed IR offices.

There is enormous potential for the VFA to be the framework that satisfies a variety of reporting requirements and simplifies the work of institutional researchers, accountability and effectiveness professionals, and presidents.

The more colleges that join, the greater our voice will be. How do I participate in the VFA? Activation is done on the VFA web site in the "Participation" section. Following activation, the Key Contact will receive detailed instructions on logging into the college's VFA account and the data collection process.

Mar 03,  · Two college athletic conferences have begun giving out trophies to the schools with the highest voter turnout and the most improved turnout, based on the data generated by the Tufts study. Vancouver College's Parent Participation Program is organized to assist school staff and to develop a sense of community at the school. Each Vancouver College family is asked to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours of participation service per school year. Some basic historical college participation statistics from New York State and a set of factors that may influence full-time undergraduate attendance in the future are described. Some specific measures of college participation, including the College Going Rate and .

For now, please fill out this very brief form and we will add you as a contact to be sent information about the VFA and activation. AACC member colleges are regionally accredited, predominantly associates degree-granting institutions.

For community colleges offering baccalaureate degrees, the VFA reports the earning of a baccalaureate as a student outcome.

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When can colleges sign up to participate in the VFA? AACC will be reaching out to all of its member colleges with a reminder and instructions on how to activate the college's participation in the VFA.

College participation

Participation is rolling but all colleges are expected to meet the August data submission deadline regardless of when they activate their participation.

The Data Collection process begins with the release of an updated Metrics Manual in February, followed by data collection opening in March and closing in August.

The college's VFA data are to be completed and locked by August when the data collection system closes. Throughout the participation year, AACC offers trainings and user groups focused on navigating the data tool, understanding and entering data, and metric development topics.

What is required to participate in the VFA? The Key Contact is responsible for maintaining the VFA College profile and for assigning user roles to people at their college. Please visit the Participation page of the web site for details about each tier of participation.

Can my district, system office, association, commission, or state office participate in the VFA? Centralized Reporting Member e. The Centralized Reporting Member will utilize the VFA data tools to submit data and take part in the VFA data collection cycles for each of its regionally accredited, predominantly associate degree-granting institutions.Not surprisingly, college participation in fall was still greatest among to year-olds.

In the SREB region in fall , 35 percent of people in that age group attended college — the lowest regional rate in the nation. The Northeast had the highest participation rate at 41 percent. Participation rates. Participation in school athletics among tenth graders was at 59 percent in Among twelfth graders, participation decreased slightly from to , from 56 to 53 percent.

The proportion increased to 58 percent in , before falling to 56 percent in (Appendix 1).

College participation

The College at Brockport: State University of New York Digital Commons @Brockport Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education Faculty Publications Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education A Survey of Campus Recreation Directors at NIRSA Institutions: Activities Emphasized, Student Participation Patterns, Trends and Future.

participation, student confidence and personality traits in participation, the instructor’s influence on and suggestions for increasing participation, the role of sex in participation, and participation in . Using data from a random sample of first-year students in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), we compared engagement in educationally purposeful activities in college, a set of educational outcomes, and the relationship between student engagement and educational outcomes for nonathletes and student-athletes participating in low- and high-profile sports.

For the first time since the Census Bureau began collecting data on higher education attainment, women are more likely to have a bachelor’s degree than men. Last year, % of men had a.

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