Dina in chile

At first people lived by hunting and farming but in North Chile they were farming by 2, BC. However agriculture began much later in Southern Chile. The Incas conquered northern Chile in the 15th century but they were themselves conquered by the Spanish in However in the South were a people called the Araucanians.

Dina in chile

The first phase of the dictatorship was mainly destructive, aimed at rapid demobilization, depoliticization, and stabilization. Immediately on seizing power, the military junta -- composed of the commanders in chief of the army, navy, air force, and national police -- issued a barrage of decrees to restore order on its own terms.

A Brief History of Chile

In the immediate aftermath of the coup, there was extensive repression, including summary executions of prisoners. During this period, the number of people who were detained so exceeded the capacities of the existing penal institutions that for a time stadiums, military grounds, and naval vessels were used as short-term prisons.

Subsequently, at least five prison camps were established for political prisoners, mostly in the remote south and the far north. From the beginning, DINA functioned as a secret police and was engaged in the repression of dissidence within the state and the exaction of revenge on its enemies without.

The National Intelligence Directorate kept secret detention centers where torture of prisoners was a routine practice [all of these places of detention had been closed down by the time of the return to civilian government in ].

Early Chile

The worst human rights abuses occurred in the first Dina in chile years of the junta, when thousands of civilians were murdered, jailed, tortured, brutalized, or exiled, especially those linked with the Popular Unity parties.

The DINA secret police, reporting to Pinochetkept dissidents living in fear of arrest, torture, murder, or "disappearance. The military commanders closed Congress, censored the media, purged the universities, burned books, declared political parties outlawed if Marxist or in recess otherwise, and banned union activities.

During his tenure as security chief under the regime of Gen.

Human rights violations in Pinochet's Chile - Wikipedia

Augusto Pinochet, Contreas organized "Operation Condor" in association with the Argentinean intelligence service SIDE and presided over the torture, kidnapping and "disappearance" of tens of thousands of Chilean leftists.

Prats and his wife were killed by a car bomb in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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The armed forces justified the coup as necessary to stamp out Marxism, avert class warfare, restore order, and salvage the economy. They enshrined the National Security Doctrine, which defined their primary task as the defeat of domestic enemies who had infiltrated national institutions, including schools, churches, political parties, unions, and the media.

Although civilians filled prominent economic posts, military officers took most government positions at the national and local levels. The military tribunals expanded their jurisdictions to include all violations including those perpetrated by civilians of the much more encompassing security laws enacted by the government.

At the end of this period, the state of siege was replaced by a state of emergency, which restored a larger degree of authority to the civilian courts, although military tribunals continued to deal with cases involving public security.

Although human rights abuses abated significantly after the abolition of DINA, its successor continued to draw criticism and was disbanded upon the return of civilian government in Throughout the second half of the s, the Roman Catholic Church and international organizations concerned with human rights denounced the widespread violations of human rights in Chile.

Although officially neutral, the Roman Catholic Church became the primary sanctuary for the persecuted in Chile from to and so came into increasing conflict with the junta. The former members of Popular Unity went underground or into exile. In the early years of the dictatorship, their main goal was simply to survive.

Although the Communists suffered brutal persecution, they managed to preserve their organization fairly intact. The Socialists splintered so badly that their party nearly disappeared by the end of the s.

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The Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional (English: National Intelligence Directorate) or DINA was the Chilean secret police in the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, and has been called Pinochet's attheheels.comd: Nov, The DINA was key in consolidating Pinochet’s power in Chile by eliminating opposition.

Dina in chile

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Dina in chile

Nov 07,  · Best location in Los Barriles! Is also wheelchair accessible. (adjacent Owner's home Casa Dina II - now available - VRBO #) Casa Dina I .

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