Hippolytus essays

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Phaedra vs Hippolytus Euripides vs. Dassin The classic Greek legend of Phaedra probes the tragic consequences that occur when a woman becomes sexually obsessed with her stepson. In Phaedra director Jules Dassin presents Phaedra as a woman overwhelmed by passions she cannot control.

Hippolytus essays

Love In the Hippolytus, Phaedras husband is serving a year of voluntary exile for murdering the Pallantids. Where as in Phaedra, he is a very wealthy and free man. A majority of Hippolytus revolves around the goddess Aphrodite.

In his treatment of the Phaedra myth, Euripides presents Phaedra in a state of mental anguish and exhaustion brought about by her love for Hippolytus, which she strives to conceal. Euripides portrays Aphrodite as a terrifying and vindictive deity, unlike the voluptuous woman often depicted in visual art.

Her opening monologue conveys an imperious attitude, and she sees the world and its people as her domain. Because Aphrodite is the goddess of love, her perception of the world seems reasonable, since her power extends to the everyday lives of the mortals over whom she rules.

As Aphrodite states, those who fail to accord the proper respect to her will face obliteration. Aphrodite directs her fury at Hippolytus because he refuses to worship her. This, of course, infuriates Aphrodite who vows to punish him for his blasphemy.

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Her vehicle for punishing him is Phaedra, his stepmother, who thus becomes a victim of love. Out of this tension arises a central conflict of the play, specifically concerning the relationship between men and gods during the period in which Euripides wrote.

This relationship seems tenuous at best and bears little resemblance to modern perspectives on religion.

Hippolytus essays

As such, an essential question to consider is what responsibilities gods had to people and people to gods. This relationship, however, does not seem reciprocal.

Free from the burdens of protecting men, the gods used men as their playthings while humans had to worship the gods to placate them and avoid incurring their wrath. The athletic and handsome Thanos is a cunning businessman involved in international commerce, but he is likable and adores his wife.

He gives Phaedra expensive gifts and names his new prize ship in her honor. Phaedra is not ignored or abused by an unattractive or deceitful husband. Dassin adds political punch to the film by exploring the luxurious lives enjoyed by elite shipping families.

This is not done in a heavy-handed manner. The lavish villas, yachts, and fashionable attire of the super rich are simply allowed to speak for themselves without any editorial grumbling by Greek commoners. Dassin takes a further jab at the Greek shippers by setting up marital relationships between his characters that parallel real-life marriages involving the Onassis and Niarchos shipping clans.

The tragedy takes form when Thanos cajoles a reluctant Phaedra to deliver a message to Alexis in London that his father wants his twenty-four-year-old son to be at his side.

Hippolytus essays

From their first encounter, Phaedra and Alexis engage in a playful flirtation inappropriate to their relationship. Their empathy, however, leads to Alexis meeting with his father in Paris. The supposedly mounting passion between Mercouri and Perkins lacks chemistry. All the sexual energy comes from the sultry Phaedra and her attraction to the bland Alexis is inexplicable.


After living together in Paris for more than a week, Alexis asks Phaedra to declare her love openly and return with him to London. Phaedra, however, feels compelled to rejoin her husband on the island of Hydra. Although still yearning for Alexis, she is tormented by her sense of shame and deceit.

Thanos informs Alexis that the car he so admires is waiting for him in Hydra. Alexis demands to know what Phaedra desires him to do. The increasingly unstable Phaedra reverses what she had said earlier and implores Alexis to come as soon as possible, but her plans go awry when Alexis hews ever closer to his father while becoming ever more wary of her.

Thanos and his circle are delighted at the prospect of a marriage that would further unite the shipping families.

Alexis reacts by playing the role of a carefree party boy at the local seaside tavern. Ironically clad in white, she pushes her way through black-clad women anxious to know the fate of their men.

Oblivious to the grief around her, Phaedra-in-white reveals her secret love to Thanos. An enraged Thanos manages to restrain himself from striking her, but beats Alexis viciously, ordering him, as he did Phaedra, to leave his sight forever.Read this essay on Euripedes Hippolytus.

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Essays for Hippolytus Hippolytus essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the play Hippolytus by Euripides. Hippolytus worships Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, to the exclusion of the other gods.

He is committed to remaining chaste, which angers Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Angry at his refusal to honor her, Aphrodite plots against him, causing his stepmother, Phaedra, to fall in love with him.

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