Horse breeding farm business plan

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Horse breeding farm business plan

Horse Farm Business Plan

Due to this, the business consultant took a strict look at our business and took stock at our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that we were likely to be exposed to here in Dallas — Texas as well as round the United States of America.

Also, we sourced for and hired only competent and professional employees who understand the business and are willing to work to ensure that we attain our goals and objectives. We are also strategically located and are easily accessible to all our customers.

Finally, our owners, Jack and John McGuire have the necessary experience to ensure that we attain our goals and objectives. Weaknesses There are several weaknesses that are likely to crop up when we start or run this business. Some of our weaknesses are that we are not starting off with a huge capital as we would have liked, this has therefore affected certain aspects of our business, such as marketing and not getting the amount of employees that would run all the various services that we intend to offer.

Opportunities There are several opportunities that exist for us in this industry as there are more activities that require the use of horses, thereby ensuring that there will always be demand for horses. Also, opportunities are available at sporting events, fairs and sporting activities to allow us network with potential clients.

Threats There are certain threats that we expect to be exposed to while running our horse breeding farm here in Dallas — Texas. First, the fact that we are located here in Texas means that we would be facing a whole lot of competition from already established horse breeding farms as well as start-ups.

Also, our business is likely to be affected by a downturn of the economy, which will cause customers to spend less. We however have certain strategies in place to combat whatever threats we are likely to face.

These other activities can be referred to as farm and ranch work, polo, carriage horses, police work, and certain informal competitions. This therefore shows that the industry is highly diverse as it combines rural activities of breeding, training, riding and maintaining of these horses to the urban activities of horse shows, racetracks, public sales as well as other such activities.

The trend as regards horses is that it is best for them to be outdoors; this is why starting a horse breeding business is not only hard and capital intensive but also risky as well. Horses cannot be kept in stalls always, and so need to be out for training and for other purposes as well.

horse breeding farm business plan

Our location here in Dallas — Texas, is very strategic and will therefore ensure that our target market will be easily reached.

We have conducted a thorough market research that will enable us have an idea of what we should expect from our target market so as to allow us draft the right strategies. From our research, it is evident that we are in business to cater to the following people; Race courses Horse sports men and women Households Other horse breeding farms Our Competitive Advantage Our intention of starting a business is to ensure that we produce and breed quality horses for use by our different customers for various purposes and be the preferred horse breeding farms for all our customers here in Dallas — Texas and all over the United States of America.

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We intend to offer various services that will enable us gain a huge share of the target market at the expense of our competitors. Another competitive advantage is that our facility is of a high standard that will ensure that the qualities of our services are high.

We intend to employ competent and professional employees that have vast experience and are also attuned to our policies to our management team and also ensure that our policies are well implemented.

We also intend to source for and employ only the best employees that are ready and committed to ensuring that we achieve our intended goals and objectives. All our employees have an excellent customer service culture. Gallop Horse Breeders, LLC will therefore generate income via the following products and services; Sale of mature horses Hiring horses out for racing purposes Hiring out horses to professional horse jockey players Training personal horses for individuals Consultancy and Advisory Services Training Sales Forecast One certain fact is that there will always be use for horses either for sports, recreation or some other purposes, which means there will always be a demand.Since breeding for quality horses is not a simple matter, breeders must understand basic genetic principles and their application to be successful in the horse business.

Contents 1 . This is a crucial part of our business plan. We plan to advertise our horse business through the use of a website, Facebook page, yellow pages, and flyers at all local feed stores, tack stores, and other venues dealing with horses.

They will also provide funds for fencing and farm equipment (primarily a tractor with attachments for mowing. Creating a Business Plan. Author: Katie Navarra Publish date: May 31, a concise explanation of your expectations for the stable or farm.

The Executive Summary is a one-page synopsis that highlights the major points that will follow later in the business plan.

horse breeding farm business plan

your mission statement and the type of horse owner you plan to serve. Free Animal Breeders and Sellers Sample Business Plans. The same is true for starting a business - you have to have a plan.

Check out a sample business plan for animal breeding or a related business to get started. These, and hundreds Horse Training Business Plan Ereidi Farm. Horse Reseller Business Plan GFX: Gravestat Farm eXchange.

Are you about starting a horse breeding farm? If YES, here is a complete sample horse breeding farm business plan template & feasibility report you can use FREE.

The third section of the business plan will further describe the services offered by the Horse Farm. The Financing Mr. Doe is seeking to raise $, from as a bank loan. Set Up a Successful Horse Breeding Business. A realistic business plan. This is a great horse farm, but it could also be a golf course, a conference center, a spa, a bed-and-breakfast, or a group of smaller farms. And I had enough savings to keep me going during the startup.". Are you about starting a horse breeding farm? If YES, here is a complete sample horse breeding farm business plan template & feasibility report you can use FREE.

“A business plan doesn’t have to be a specific length,” Mather said. “The quality of the plan is important, and the type of business will also determine the length. Many plans are long, but say nothing.” Every business plan opens with an Executive Summary, a concise explanation of your expectations for the stable or farm.

The Executive Summary is a one-page synopsis that highlights the major points that .

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