How to write a memo to your boss examples

Subject of choice Be to-the-point regarding your subject. If your memo is in regard to a problem or situation, start with the traditional sequence of who, what, when, where and why. Warehouse manager Cody Wilson indicated Monday that warehouse staff has been accruing overtime hours in excess of hours-per-week per person for the past month, due to the slower inventory tracking system implemented at the beginning of the year.

How to write a memo to your boss examples

Circulated as it was to seemingly half the company I feel we developers are now operating under an insurmountable stigma. Yes, we all know the product shipped late. You want to know why the schedule was missed so badly, and want an action plan to assure this problem will never reoccur.

I was just one of many developers on the project. However, you'll note my resignation is attached so I feel no pressure to paper over the very real problems with politically-correct but worthless suggestions.

Let me assure you, that, contrary to your strongly-stated opinion, we were not "spending half our time surfing the net for porn instead of cranking code", nor was the team composed of "laggards and slackers.

Each of us are college-educated, highly trained engineers with years of experience. Yet we're viewed as cogs in the system, replaceable elements whose sole mission is to respond to marketing's latest harebrained wish-list. The timecards show we averaged 70 hours a week valiantly trying to tame the beast.

So maybe we did check personal email once in a while. When you didn't find us playing computer solitaire you restricted net access to avoid "extraneous" emails and blocked all non-corporate web sites. Professionals cannot work in an environment lacking trust.

Edwards Deming, the great quality guru, long ago examined factors influencing motivation. He found professionals get most of their drive from "intrinsic" motivating factors, those that come from within ourselves. Things like feeling part of the team. The desire for the organization's success.

Wanting to deliver a great product. Intolerance of poor quality. He described "extrinsic" motivators as those imposed from on-high, usually without any sort of buy-in from the professionals involved. Artificial measurements ranked high on his list of extrinsic motivators.

Deming showed that extrinsic motivators invariably drive out the intrinsic ones. In other words, people shrug in frustration and work to meet the numbers, rather than try to make things right.

You wanted lots and lots of software, and we gave it to you. Oh, man, we cranked code! Most of it sucked, of course, and the resulting clean-up is still incomplete. Which leads to the next point. Turnover was a huge problem, but almost worse was the Company's unwillingness to train replacements.

how to write a memo to your boss examples

The shortage of decent embedded people meant we relied on headhunters and huge signing bonuses we called these "newbie bait". Yet each new person was immediately demotivated by being tossed into the fray without even a second's worth of training. We largely succeeded in getting the best and the brightest.

None knew our software standards more later or our process more later or our technology. The resulting anger and resentment formed a beautiful feedback loop back into the turnover problem.

Like a house if cards, though, the turnover and lack of training were yet just another bit of fuel in the impending disaster. I'll quote Joe's suicide e-note: Remember Billy, the new college grad?

The one whose fiance arrived late one night waving a steak knife, demanding he gets some at-home time? She's better, by the way, and should be free in a few months. Well, Billy was the only one here with any OO experience.

With the tight schedule we were somehow supposed to master OO, which is a whole new approach to design and coding, as we created the project.

People learn new design approaches like OO by building small projects and tossing them away. Instead, we were told to turn our first experience with this very different concept into a shipping product.No matter what your job, you will need to correspond professionally with your boss, colleagues, and/or your employees.

how to write a memo to your boss examples

Sometimes this will involve sending a physical letter. Memo To My Boss For novel ideas about building embedded systems (both hardware and firmware), join the 28,+ engineers who subscribe to The Embedded Muse, a free biweekly newsletter.

The Muse has no hype and no vendor PR. 16+ Employee Memo Examples & Samples – PDF, Word. How to Write an Employee Memo. Making an employee memo will be a lot easier by following these steps: Use a readily made header that the company may use in every document to create the employee memo more professional.

Jun 27,  · Examples of How to Write a Memo to Employees by Jane Smith; Updated June 27, Examples of How to Write a Memo to Employees. Related Articles.

1 Write a Short Memo In An Office Environment; Memos help you introduce the new boss while saying goodbye to the old one. Knowing who is in charge and what changes to expect helps the.

Jun 27,  · The fewer words you use in your memo, the more likely everyone will understand what you wish to convey. Include a call to action in your memo and close with an easily-performed action. Tip. Sample Memo to Boss.

To: Joe Campos, VP of Sales From: Kate Chaplain, Senior Sales Associate Date: April 5, Subject: Quarterly Review Mr. Campos, I’ve attached my quarterly review report to this email, but I also wanted to quickly discuss the trends I’ve noticed in our sales data over the past few months.

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