Iran pestle analysis

In this way, they can prepare strategically for any changes that need to be made in the organisation or simply to have the awareness of the external market to give them a competitive edge over other firms in the industry.

Iran pestle analysis

Market Synopsis of Organic Saffron: Saffron is an exotic spice obtained from the stigma of the saffron flower known as Crocus sativus.

Organic saffron is the variety which is cultivated without any use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Saffron itself has a lot of health benefits and organic saffron further enhances the overall nutritional value of saffron. Saffron contains three major components which include crocin, picrocrocin and safranal.

Crocin in the saffron tends to impart the natural deep color due to which saffron is also used as a natural dye in various industries. Saffron comes in various grades and forms and is most widely used in the food industry majorly to infuse unique Iran pestle analysis and color to the food product.

Active components of saffron contains antioxidants and have anti-cancerous properties due to which saffron is consumed widely among the population of health conscious consumers. Wide application of saffron along with the health benefits obtained from it has a major impact on the organic saffron market.

Increased practice of organic farming based on high consumers demand for chemical free food products is also driving the market of organic saffron globally. Mass market penetration is leading to introduction of new products and their retail across various regions.

High focus on Research and Development has led to innovations and in the product line which has fueled up the market share of organic saffron in global market.

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Increased medicinal applications of saffron is also supporting the sale of organic saffron globally. Among the various forms of saffron, threads of saffron is evaluated to hold a major share as consumers can calculate the authenticity of the product easily.

Liquid saffron is gaining its popularity steadily based on convenience usage and longer shelf-life of the product. Based on various applications, share of food based application is found to be dominant followed by pharmaceutical based application.

Based on the distribution channel, sale through supermarkets and hypermarkets retailers is found to hold a major share owing to one-stop purchase and easy availability of the desired product through the channel.

Sale of saffron through e-commerce is found to be growing at a higher rate during the forecast period Top exporters of organic saffron include Iran, Spain, Afghanistan, Portugal and France Segments Organic saffron has been segmented on the basis of form which comprises of powder, threads, liquid, others.

Organic saffron in the form of threads is found to hold a major share due to high consumer preference for unprocessed saffron threads. Organic saffron has been segmented on the basis of application which include food, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, others. Middle East and Africa region covered in Rest of the World and has the major market share with Iran being the largest producer of organic saffron.

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Asia-Pacific is the second largest market for organic saffron worldwide. Increased production of saffron in Spain, Italy is projected to generate a high revenue from Europe during the given forecast period. Changing consumer preferences for healthy and natural products will support the sale of organic saffron in various region during the forecast period.

The major importers of organic saffron include U.Download Citation on ResearchGate | A SWOT and PEST analysis of e-Government in Iran | The term electronic government (e-government) mainly refers to the information and communications technology. If the proper PESTEL analysis is done for this industry about any country or specific area, then the executives of a company can understand the nature of the working, the conditions of business and necessary regulations, which they have to follow during their process of working.

Libya, Russia, US, Venezuela, Iran, Canada, UAE, Nigeria.

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Iran pestle analysis

Only at". Iran Pestle Analysis Compiling and Using a “ PESTLE ” Analysis A PESTLE analysis is a tool that acts as a prompt to the staff and governors involved in the analysis of the developments in the school’s environment that could affect its risk profile.

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