My desk mate

View gallery - 9 images As we hear more and more about how bad sitting for extended periods is for your health, offices around the globe are moving to install standing desks. Humans aren't set up to be squashed into a chair all day, no matter how ergonomic it is claimed to be, but standing all day isn't something we're particularly keen on either.

My desk mate

Try sightglass, or Four Barrel You'll probably get some coffee converts out of a setup like this. Yes, it's fussy but the coffee is great and the cleanup isn't bad at all.

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Great for making iced coffee, too, if you like that. Grind, wet and refrigerate at night for use t the office tomorrow. Fault tolerant and required only a filter and hot water at work.

A pourover might be a good choice, too, but I like not having to tend to the coffee - just pour in hot water and wait a few minutes. I don't necessarily think you need a grinder at work.

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I grind my beans at home each morning before leaving for the office and that seems to get the job done. I also think that an important aspect of the coffee ritual that is often overlooked is having the proper drinking vessel.

If you can keep it clean and safe, maybe get a bone china cup and saucer Goodwill can be a good place to get individual pieces like that or a favorite mug from home.

You put the coffee in a filter in the cone, and the cone sits on top of your cup. Pour in your water and voila. I had a tiny one that you could also use as a cup to sip from.

Have a bag of coffee on your desk, pour in some hot water if you've got one of those water dispensers in your office, and voila!

So easy, so good! I'm the only person who drinks coffee at my house, and I use the AeroPress every day, saving the french press for when someone's over who also wants coffee. And a big coffee maker for when my parents come. I really like the quality of the AeroPress coffee, and I like that it neatly makes a single cup.

If you're ok with using a filter every day, the AeroPress is super-easy to clean: For me, the french press is much harder to clean, because I don't have a garbage disposal, so I have to rinse the french press in the sink, and then clean the sink.

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Also, the AeroPress actually recommends brewing with degree water, so I imagine that it would work just fine to brew with the hot water that comes out of a water cooler, if your work runs to a water cooler. They also have quantity markings on the plunger part for people who heat their water in a microwave like if you're at work without a kettle.

Both a french press and an AeroPress are pretty inexpensive. Not sure what to tell you about a grinding setup. I have a Bodum Bistro burr grinder and like it well enough, although the beans on top don't go down into the machine as well as I would like because I use french roast coffeebut that seems rather extravagant and loud for a work setup.

Of course, if you want to spring for a kettle, you could use a Melitta cone, but I like the AeroPress better, and it's less work. And it brews up fast.

I think in turns of bang for the buck, it's hard to beat. It's also fairly low effort and easy to clean, something I cannot say of hand grinding or french presses.

The only downsides are that it isn't terribly tough and it can leak if the rubber stopper isn't perfectly seated.I made my transition to a standing desk a couple of months before trying out the Level.

My desk mate

I quickly preferred standing as it helped me remain more alert throughout the day and keep a straight spine. Nov 06,  · Maybe it drives you crazy when your cube-mate takes personal phone calls or that your colleague lingers a little too long at your desk when he asks about your weekend when you really need to .

It's a race against the clock as you try to set a personal record time of going from your desk to any predetermined location.

My desk mate

You can take any route; climbing over cubicles or under desks is. My home office has a cute, but small (cheap) desk that I use quite a bit for blogging/studying and the table top shows it. It has areas where the paint is dented and even flaking off.

Leave Your Reply on Best Mobile Laptop Desk Best Of Table Mate Ii Adjustable Portable Folding Laptop Study Table Mate And Awesome Mobile Laptop Desk Ideas Sets. Click here to cancel reply. Q My desk mate is fond of gossiping, worse, she does it loudly, and in public, even in a lift full of people.

As a result, most people avoid her.

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