Phi 105 eastern philosophers comparison

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Phi 105 eastern philosophers comparison

The schools vary on how many of these six are valid paths of knowledge. Samkhya Samkhya is the oldest of the orthodox philosophical systems in Hinduism[52] with origins in the 1st millennium BCE. The universe is described by this school as one created by Purusa-Prakriti entities infused with various permutations and combinations of variously enumerated elements, senses, feelings, activity and mind.

Sattva being good, compassionate, illuminating, positive, and constructive; Rajas guna is one of activity, chaotic, passion, impulsive, potentially good or bad; and Tamas being the quality of darkness, ignorance, destructive, lethargic, negative.

Everything, all life forms and human beings, state Samkhya scholars, have these three gunas, but in different proportions. For example, it states, From the triad of suffering, arises this inquiry into the means of preventing it.

That is useless - if you say so, I say: No, because suffering is not absolute and final. Like a lamp, they cooperate for a purpose by union of contraries. It operates by means of the three qualities, by mixture, by modification; for different objects are diversified by influence of the several qualities respectively.

Dharma is that from which results the accomplishment of Exaltation and of the Supreme Good.

Phi 105 eastern philosophers comparison

The authoritativeness of the Veda arises from its being an exposition of dharma. The Supreme Good results from knowledge, produced from a particular dharma, of the essence of the Predicables, Substance, Attribute, Action, Genus, Species and Combination, by means of their resemblances and differences.

Each of these four are of two types: A composite, in this philosophy, is defined to be anything which is divisible into atoms.

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Whatever human beings perceive is composite, while atoms are invisible. The text is credited to Aksapada Gautama and its composition is variously dated between the sixth and second centuries BCE.

False knowledge is not merely ignorance to Naiyayikas; it includes delusion. Correct knowledge is discovering and overcoming one's delusions, and understanding the true nature of the soul, self and reality. Perception, Inference, Comparison and Word — these are the means of right knowledge.

Perception is that knowledge which arises from the contact of a sense with its object and which is determinate, unnameable and non-erratic. Inference is knowledge which is preceded by perception, and is of three kinds: Comparison is the knowledge of a thing through its similarity to another thing previously well known.

Word is the instructive assertion of a reliable person. It [knowledge] is of two kinds: Soul, body, senses, objects of senses, intellect, mind, activity, fault, transmigration, fruit, suffering and release — are the objects of right knowledge.Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison Christina OBanion Instructor Sirard PHI/ September 6, Many philosophers whether they are Western or Eastern have had many similar and different views about religion, existence, politics, and .

Western and Eastern Philosophers Philosophy is and always compared by two different areas of thinking, the Eastern and the Western philosophical views. The philosophical views from both regions emphasize on following the right paths, the teachings and methodology of the philosophical view points from both the Eastern and Western philosophers are very different and distinct from one another.

PHI , Introduction to Philosophy

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Phi 105 eastern philosophers comparison

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Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison PHI/ May 1, Andrea Miles There are many great philosophers. Some of them had very compelling ideas especially for their time while others ideas may have sounded compelling but the concepts just did not work.

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