Rachel louise carson

Lived — Rachel Carson played a key role in birth of environmentalism in the 20th century. Her distinctive writing was both scientifically clear and linguistically evocative. In the late s, Carson became increasingly aware of the harmful effects of chemicals such as the insecticide DDT on the environment.

Rachel louise carson

It was —— the height of the Cold War —— a moment when unrelenting anxiety about the future was leavened by an abiding faith in the power of science to secure our safety and prosperity.

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Then came an incendiary book that sowed seeds of doubt. This is one of the nation's best sellers, first printed on September 27, Up to nowcopies have been sold, and Silent Spring has been called the most controversial book of the year.

At the eye of the storm was Rachel Carson, one of the most celebrated American writers of her time. With her first three books —— a lyrical trilogy about the sea —— Carson had opened people's eyes to the natural world. Now, in Silent Spring, she delivered the dark warning that they might soon destroy it.

Whereas the modern chemist, the modern biologist, the modern scientist believes that man is steadily controlling nature.

Perhaps the finest nature writer of the Twentieth Century, Rachel Carson () is remembered more today as the woman who challenged the notion that humans could obtain mastery over nature by chemicals, bombs and space travel than for her studies of ocean life. Rachel Louise Carson N() American Biologist And Writer Photographed With Her Book Silent Spring C Poster Print by (18 x 24) by Posterazzi. $ . A marine biologist and nature writer, Rachel Carson catalyzed the global environmental movement with her book Silent attheheels.coming the dangers of chemical pesticides, the book led to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides and sparked the movement that ultimately led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

It was sort of the gospel at the time that human ingenuity would triumph over nature; what Carson was arguing was for caution. She really confronted the orthodoxies of her time. She was accused of being a Communist, of being a hysterical, female Luddite.

Rachel louise carson

The reaction was to attack the messenger. Carson was an unlikely heretic. Dutiful, demure, and so jealous of her solitude that her most intimate relationship was conducted mainly through letters, she'd thrust herself into the public eye —— all the while harboring a secret that was literally killing her.

To some, Silent Spring was an act of heroism; to others, an irresponsible breach of scientific objectivity. But there could be no dispute that with her rebuke to modern technological science, Carson had shattered a paradigm. Rachel Carson not only changed the kind of questions we ask about the environment; I think she caused us to start to ask those questions.

In mid-Julyas the Second World War ground on in the Pacific and weary Americans scanned the morning's headlines for the word "victory," Rachel Carson was trying to call attention to what she believed was a war against the earth.

Rachel louise carson

Carson was 38 that summer, and restless. A writer by inclination and a biologist by training, she'd spent much of the previous decade in the employ of the U.

Fish and Wildlife Service, overseeing publications about its conservation work. The job paid the bills; but Carson craved a wider audience.

Rachel Carson (Author of Silent Spring)

Now, the agency had undertaken a study she felt warranted public attention. As she put it in a letter to the popular monthly Reader's Digest: It was first synthesized back in the 19th century and it sat on lab shelves for decades.

Absorbed through the feet or other parts of the body, DDT effects the nervous system and motor coordination of the insect.

Several hours elapse before symptoms develop; then in sequence follows restlessness, tremors, convulsions, paralysis, and death.

Deborah Blum, Science Writer:May 27,  · This global doodle celebrates famed marine biologist and conservationist Rachel Louise Carson on what would be her th birthday.

The doodle .

Rachel Louise Carson's 107th Birthday

Rachel Carson, in full Rachel Louise Carson, (born May 27, , Springdale, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died April 14, , Silver Spring, Maryland), American biologist well known for her writings on environmental pollution and the natural history of the sea. May 27,  · This global doodle celebrates famed marine biologist and conservationist Rachel Louise Carson on what would be her th birthday.

The doodle was originally more aspirational in concept, much like. Rachel Louise Carson was born in Springdale, Pennsylvania on May 27, She grew up on a large farm where she learned about nature and animals.

Rachel loved to read and write stories as a child. She even had a story published when she was only eleven years old. One of Rachel's favorite subjects. Rachel Louise Carson () Rachel Carson was born in a small rural Pennsylvania community near the Allegheny River where she spent a great deal of time exploring the forests and streams around her acre farm.

Rachel Louise Carson(–), professor, aquatic biologist, editor, and writer, was born in Springfield, Pennsylvania, and died in Silver Spring, Maryland. She received.

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