Sepoy mutiny of 1857 essay help

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The Mutiny was a result of various grievances. However the flashpoint was reached when the soldiers were asked to bite off the paper cartridges for their rifles which were greased with animal fat, namely beef and pork.

Sepoy mutiny of 1857 essay help

Given the situation in India during the nineteenth century it is hardly surprising that such a polarisation of opinion exists regarding the context of the rebellious events during that year.

The British being in control of the subcontinent and their sense of superiority over their Indian subjects, would naturally seek to downplay any acts of rebellion.

While the Indian subjects on the other hand would arguably wish to exaggerate and over emphasise the importance of these events, as a means of promoting the nationalist cause for self determination.

The truth of the events themselves, does it lie towards the British account or the Indian pro nationalistic side, or could there be a certain amount of truth in both sides of the debate. Metcalf in his account cites three indisputable factors behind the outbreak of rebellion in These military grievances which although significant were not themselves enough to incite rebellion, as it took a perceived attack on the Sepoy religious institutions to trigger of the rebellion.

sepoy mutiny of 1857 essay help

This belated action proved futile as the damage had already been done. Yet other British saw the overall social situation and government administration as having no effect in causing the uprising.

However, he sees this as just the trigger incident, with the root cause being the long term reduction in discipline in the army and the poor standard of officers in command.


The British standpoint is to regard the events of as a mutiny. This is correct as there was a mutiny by sections of the military, yet this fails to include the sections of the civilian population who also engaged in civil unrest.

For most of the British writers and observers of the events, they are agreed in calling it a mutiny because of the failings of the army, in terms of discipline and command.

sepoy mutiny of 1857 essay help

The term mutiny also conjures up images of relatively small, disorganised and not very widespread activities of disobedience towards British authority. Although not accepted by all Indian historians, the traditional Indian nationalist view of the events of are that it was not as the British believe, a series of isolated and uncoordinated mutinies.

It was a war of independence, the first act by Indians to gain self rule. For half a century after the writing on the uprising were basically confined to British observers and scholars. The first nationalist interpretation appeared in They used this argument as a means of further control and repression of the Indian people after One view which leans towards the side if interpreting the events of as a war of independence, rather than a mutiny, is that of Gupta.

Although he takes a less nationalist and more balanced approach. He sought to equate these events on an equal footing with European events of a similar nature. Gupta although eluding to this viewpoint is far less pro nationalist and more balanced in his approach.

Quite simply the way in which the British and Indians interacted, was especially the way the British felt towards the Indians altered markedly.

While there is no question concerning the British as the rulers of India for a century, the manner of administration prior to the mutiny of was less as the role of overlord. While the theories of racial superiority were nothing new to the people of Victorian England.Related Documents: sepoy mutiny Essay Essay on British Empire and Europeans the benefit of there country Different: Africa allowed Imperial rule; Muslim Countries did not .

Essay on The Indian Mutiny of Causes and Consequences - The Indian Mutiny of Causes and Consequences Under the administration of the Marquess of Dalhousie (Governor-General ), the last of the independent Indian states, including the wealthy Muslim state of Oudh, were annexed by the British.

The Sepoy Mutiny Of ( words) Essay; The Sepoy Mutiny Of ( words) Essay. The Sepoy Mutiny of As with any conflict or controversy there are always two sides to the debate, and the events in India during are certainly no exception.

Given the situation in India during the nineteenth century. Aug 06,  · country. The British Government, after the Sepoy Mutiny was crushed, did not repudiate and they could redo an The Naval Mutiny at Bombay further reinforced Words: — Pages: 6 Revolt f can also clearly be visualized. The sepoy mutiny of 18 57, however, "marked the mighty British power.

Pupil gains knowledge about the political, administrative, economic, social, religious and military causes for the outbreak of the Revolt of 3.

Pupil understands the causes for the failure of the revolt and the results of the revolt. Sepoy Rebellion To start off the Sepoys were a group of Indian soldiers that worked for the European forces. These soldiers worked for the East Indian Company's army.

In May they started a mutiny, or a rebellion. This brought on many other rebellions, and basically a war for independence.

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