Sternberg triangular theory of love essay

Physiologist Robert Stenberg developed his triangular theory of love after the identification of passionate love and companionate love, which relate to relationships.

Sternberg triangular theory of love essay

The divorce rate in the United States had generally been going up throughout the 20th century until reaching a high in the late s. It has slowly decreased since then. Now there are about 20 divorces for every 1, women over age This number is down from the 23 divorces per 1, women inbut it is still much greater than the 5 per 1, during the s.

The number of single mothers who are not getting married is rising as well.

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This is difficult, because love is a very complicated emotion. No two people define love in exactly the same way. How a wife sees love is most likely different from how her husband sees love.

Since husbands and wives have had different life experiences, they will probably see love differently as well. Sometimes, the differences can be very great. Psychologist Robert Sternberg started studying aspects of love, since he realized that "much as psychologists have attempted to explain the mysteries of love through scientific laws and theories, it turns out that the best mirrors of the romantic experience may be Wuthering" He began his research by asking such questions as: Why do some couples live happily ever after, while others have more problems than Romeo and Juliet?

Why do people often seem to make the same romantic mistakes over and over, following the same experiences with different people in different places, as if they had no choice?

The fact that there is a much greater chance for people to get divorced in their second marriage than their first shows how this is true: In his article, "A Triangular theory of Love" published inSternberg proposes that love can be thought to consist of three primary components or a "love triangle" with the three components of passion, intimacy and commitment forming the vertices The commitment to maintain that love.

It is the power of receiving or being affected by outside influences. In the case of love, it leads to the physiological desire to be united with a loved one. Once the word meant suffering or agony, like a martyr.

Sternberg triangular theory of love essay

When passion wanes, as it normally does, both may feel that original meaning. Sternberg believes that passion is quick to develop and quick to level off. When passion ends, or one party to the relationship discards the other, the mental pain begins. Withdrawal symptoms such as depression are common.

It is like an addiction. They can say things to another woman they cnnott say to a man. Part of this, perhaps, comes from the societal perceptions of the role men and women play in the United States. Acceptance for one partner as an equal to the other may impact on this finding over time.

Surely, strong interpersonal communication plays an important role in intimacy. A marriage without intimacy even though commitment and passion are still present, is likely to be unsuccessful. Commitment is the cognitive component, which consists of knowing and perception.

It can keep a marriage together way after passion is gone and intimacy is no longer possible. But commitment without one or both of the other elements leads to an empty marriage.

Perhaps younger people, seeing what has happened with earlier generations, realize that people and relationships change and that making a commitment should go far beyond what matters to them in the short run.

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This research by Sternberg suggests what will and will not be important in the long run. When two people are young and "in love," even visible flaws are submerged while many others may simply be overlooked or unknown.Passion is the motivational aspect of Sternberg's love theory.

It is the power of receiving or being affected by outside influences. In the case of love, it leads . Sternberg created his triangular theory of love in The three points of his triangle consist of intimacy, passion and commitment.

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Sternberg believed that the type and strength of the relationship could be assessed from the degree of presence in the relationship of these 3 points/5(1). Expectations from Genders. The foundations of courtship are vast and complicated, regardless of cultural practices and environments.

In this assignment, you will focus on Sternberg’s triangular theory of love which depicts the relationships between intimacy, passion, and commitment.

Essay on Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love Words 5 Pages Based on Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, the perfect relationship should consists of three aspects, namely intimacy, passion and commitment.

Sternberg’s triangular theory of love views love as having three main components to love: passion, intimacy, and commitment.

Sternberg triangular theory of love essay

Passion involves feelings of romance, physical attraction, and sexual arousal. Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love Essay Sample.

In , a psychologist Robert Sternberg proposed the triangular theory of love. This theory explains the topic of love in an interpersonal relationship.

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