Top ten deserted island movies

A Knife A big old knife is the first on our list of essentials to bring to a deserted island. Like one that Crocodile Dundee would have. Not only could it be used for protection, but also to hunt! A fishing net Fish are a very healthy protein choice, and having a net will be sure to make catching them easier.

Top ten deserted island movies

Hinata smiled and agreed with Naruto as they finished their break-fast. The storm that had sent them overboard had pretty much passed on and the day was rather sunny and hot, normally ideal for beach goers but not a comfortable thing to deal with for them right now.

But they had to do it either way so as to know just where they were. They had taken stock of their tools earlier and thankfully, all of their kunai were still with them, along with several extra shuriken that they could use when the time comes.

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However, to Naruto's disappointment, he had lost his summon scroll for his giant shuriken and would have to get a new one to replace it once he was back in Konoha. His wallet was still with him, and thankfully he had a water proof wallet at that.

However, money was worthless in a place like this island and he missed eating ramen already, but pushed that aside in order to focus on what they had to do.

They then began to explore the beach once more and found small areas where tidal pools had been made, and they saw different types of fish, both big and small moving about, along with other marine life. As Top ten deserted island movies carried on, they decided to stop near a coconut tree and take some of the coconuts that were green and fresh looking down.

As soon as they were able to get the water inside, they were able to drink and as well as they should as the heat was really something at mid-day. She couldn't help herself as her eyes began to wander on the strong and hard looking muscles that was on Naruto's chest, shoulders, arms, and torso…and she then looked at his face as he wiped the sweat from his face.

Naruto-kun looks so strong…so…so…handsome… Hinata then realized that she was now having naughty thoughts that began to fill her mind and it was also then that she noted that all the time she was looking at him without any modesty, he was looking back at her…very concerned.

Do you have a fever or something…you're face is so red. The same eyes that haunted her dreams every night when she went to sleep. She wanted to do something…anything right now but her feelings for Naruto were so strong now that she couldn't help herself as she sat there frozen…in truth she was fighting the urge not to lash out at him reflexively or to faint either.

The moment Naruto placed his hand on Hinata's forehead to check her temperature, she quickly fainted, making Naruto once more panic and try to wake her up, but Hinata was totally out of it and as she didn't respond to any of his cries for her to wake up, she was still out cold.

Naruto was in a panic, he hoped that nothing bad had suddenly happened to Hinata, and despite his growing discomfort with the idea, he placed his hand on her chest…to find out that her heart beat was fine and she was all right…however, it was also when he noted that his hands were too close to Hinata's breasts, which he knew had grown a lot since he had last seen her.

He then felt this strange feeling of attraction in the pit of his stomach as he looked at Hinata. Why the heck am I feeling this for Hinata?!

Actually I was beginning to wonder just when you were going to finally get attracted to her anyway. Like everyone else in the Village of Konoha, the 9 Tailed Fox knew quite well on the crush that the Hyuuga heiress had on his container….

He found it rather funny at how oblivious the young blonde was to the mountain sized crush the young woman had on him. But at times, it did get annoying to him that Naruto was like a block of cement when it came to Hinata's affection.

Of course, he knew about Naruto's attraction to Sakura Haruno, and while he was impressed with how determined Naruto was to protect his team mate, he didn't think that they would be a good couple for a while. Though the relationship between the two had grown somewhat, he was still convinced that the Hyuuga heiress was a better choice for his container.

Besides that, he believed that Naruto and Sakura were better off as friends. He didn't disapprove of Sakura, considering her healing abilities were good and so was her strength in combat, not to mention her growth as well. The 9 Tailed Fox then decided to test the waters, so to speak, as he then spoke to Naruto.

Now the reason why she just decided to take a nap is because she's VERY much trying not to faint at you being close to her, since you have quite the effect on that white eyed girl, and for a very long time since you both were younger. Ain't first love grand? Back then he thought she was a weird, timid, and quiet girl, but he liked her for being a kind, strong, and generous person.

He then recalled the times she would seemingly step out of her timid nature to help him on. He then spoke to the 9 Tailed Fox… "How can I be sure you're not pulling me by the leg?! There's no way Hinata would ever like someone like me!

Kit, you have no idea how wrong you are…she's always had a crush on you ever since you were still in the Academy, and she might not say it, but she's always tried to support you from the shadows…she's just too shy to say anything to you point blank…but she DOES try to show you how much she likes you…or have you forgotten those times already?

Top ten deserted island movies

But he still doubted that she would like him, considering his resident inside of him.America's Greatest Movies YEARS MOVIES. The Winners. -Seen It- Near-future sci-fi action-horror about a squad of marines sent to a deserted island for a training exercise against the latest military tech.

Accompanying them is a cyborg whose connection and knowledge of the machines is uncertain. Pitted against a sinister foot-tall autonomous robot. Mother and son become lovers on a deserted island.

At forty years of age, Marcie Daniels was finally getting to know her fourteen year-old son Robbie.

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2 China China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world's most populous state, with a population of over billion.

It was established in by Chairman Mao, the president of the communist party. Oct 06,  · For years books, movies and television shows have entertained us with interesting fictional accounts of castaways and deserted islands.

This is a collection of real life stories sometimes stranger and more fascinating than any imaginary tale. In keeping this to a . Being a fan of the version of "Mysterious Island," I HAD to see this TV remake. Despite the somewhat lackluster reviews, a few things perked my interest: Patrick Stewart (aka Star Trek's Captain Picard) as Captain Nemo, Gabrielle Anwar and the long runtime of minutes, just ten .

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