Write a name on a piece of paper and put it in the freezer

Freezer Spells For the most part, I think that spells can be a valuable way to act out your anger, resentment, bitterness or jealousy. The very act of doing a spell can make a person who feels powerless or victimized feel at least briefly that they are somehow in control of the situation again.

Write a name on a piece of paper and put it in the freezer

I figured if I could learn to declutter the rest of my dayit was time to simplify supper time. It happened innocently enough: I left with my pans, went straight to the grocery store, bought up a ton of stuff that I knew I could normally cook with like chicken breast, hamburger, veggies, etc.

When I was finished, I mentioned it on Facebookand there were lots of questions about what I made, recipe requests, and even tips for what I did. I could have easily broken this into a dozen or so smaller posts, but this is a DIY blog, not a freezer meals blog, so I figured my regular non-freezer-meal-loving readers will hang with me for one post — if I started posting all of this separately you might think I was nutso and quit reading.

I stuck to the basic recipes that we have eaten for years — so I knew what my family would actually eat. And when I originally wrote this post five years ago, I still had kids at home.

At least I was. I only have a few pots and pans, a few mixing bowls, a couple of whisks, etc.

write a name on a piece of paper and put it in the freezer

On a regular basis I feed four people — so my kitchen reflects our needs. I know we eat a lot of chicken meals, some with hamburger, and a lot of casserole type meals. Basically approach freezer meals the same way you would any meal plan.

I only have the freezer on my side by side refrigerator. I have had a couple of different deep freezers in the past, but they never got used properly, so I got rid of them. I thoroughly cleaned out my freezer and found that once it was all cleaned up, not only did I have enough room for all those freezer meals — I even had a leftover shelf to fill with my favorite ice cream which I totally did.

I bought ones that hold about 2 pounds of food, because 4 people divided by 2 pounds is 8 ounces each. Buy good plastic baggies I recommend Ziploc in both gallon and quart size. I did it barefoot and my feet were killing me at the end of four hours. I wish I had done it on a Sunday when my girls were home to help wash dishes, open cans, etc.

How to Craft a Freezer Spell

I did the bulk of the work when they were at school, but by the last hour I had help and it made my life much easier. Well, it was for me anyways. Sharpie it up, baby. Need onion for 4 freezer meals recipes? Chop it all at once to make your life easier.

Freezer Spells - Cool Off Spell, Leave Me Alone Spell, Impotence, Break Up

Poach all your chicken in one pot which will also give you some decent broth. Brown all of your hamburger together then divide it out for the different meals. Once again, I have a basic set of pots and pans plus one large stock pot, a couple of mixing bowls one large, one mediuma few wooden spoons and some whisks.

Plus ten is a good stopping point, which my OCD brain appreciates. Of course, if you want to use smaller sizes, then you can absolutely use smaller pans and the meals will stretch even further. For chili, sauces, etc, we typically use a quart freezer bag with 2 cups of whatever recipe.

It makes the meals stretch much further. What the freezer meals are example: Beef can be frozen for months.

write a name on a piece of paper and put it in the freezer

Chicken can stay frozen for months. I try to side on the err of caution and stay in the month range. Though, honestly, they never seem to last much longer than the guidelines.

Either will work, but some meals will need more time in the oven than others. All of the meals are basically just being reheated because everything is pre-cooked.I’ve been meaning to write this paper-piecing tutorial for aaaaaages. I love to paper piece (or foundation piece, depending on your side of the pond).

Write the person’s name (a full name isn’t necessary if you only know their first name, or their nickname) on a small piece of paper. 2. Fold the paper in three, and then fold it in three again, and so on, until you can’t possibly fold it any more.

3. Put the piece of paper into a small freezer-safe container of water. If you want, you. Hey dude – you should try 42 Below Vodka. If you like smooth, 42Below is the shiznit to end all shiznits. I recommend the Feijoa of all the flavours, but start out with unflavoured, it will delight you in a Gimlet.

Ice Box and Freezer Spells in the Hoodoo and Conjure Tradition

Write his/her name on a piece of paper. Fold the paper three times. As you fold each fold say:" I turn you out of my life". Now put the baggie in the freezer and turn your back on it and say "I turn my back to you. You are getting the cold shoulder.

Go away." It sounds hokey but it does work. If you ever decide you want to be friends, then.

Step One: Get a brown paper bag

Mar 17,  · What does putting someone's name on a piece of paper and freezing the water around the paper mean? I was cleaning my aunt's freezer and found a vial with a piece of paper frozen in ice. I melted the ice to get the paper and saw that the paper had my Mom's and three other family member's names written on attheheels.com: Resolved.

in the Hoodoo and Conjure Tradition. Freezer spells are mostly used for purposes of shutting up bad One spell that made the rounds of the internet circa consisted of writing your lover's name on a piece of paper, placing it in a glass jar of tap water, and freezing it to make someone "open to suggestions." Put the name in a slit.

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