Writing activities for advanced learners

Students at this stage tend to be non-verbal.

Writing activities for advanced learners

When it comes to communicating, there is always more they can learn to reach the highest fluency level possible. Try these 3 spectacular speaking activities and watch their skills evolve to a new height.

Try These 3 Spectacular Speaking Activities for Advanced Learners 1 Open Discussion Open discussion is essential for advanced students to create and experience natural language. The guidelines for open discussion might vary from group to group, but the main elements should remain; each lesson students are exposed to a certain amount of conversation time that is not mediated, where correction does not take place, and where topics are allowed to ramble on according to the whim of the class.

Students should lead these open discussions, and in facilitating true open discussion, you want to have some goals and outcomes that the students are aiming for, but do not exactly map out how they are going to get there.

These outcomes can be quite generalized, structured around topics and could change for each discussion. You can get ideas from observing students during class time and examining what they need to practice, where there are questions, and what the group on a whole is interested in.

Learn about others while speaking during this discussion. Sometimes as teachers, it is difficult to let go of the grammar reigns and allow students to speak without a particular structure or usage in mind.

This is particularly what advanced students need and crave. This is not to say that open discussion is a free-for-all in which classroom rules and etiquette do not apply.

On the contrary, open discussion is a vehicle for students to communicate with one another within appropriate guidelines while learning a lot about applying usage in practical application.

writing activities for advanced learners

One way to have students explore these topics is to do some version of a matchmaking exercise. Matchmaking exercises work well because students will use a lot of varied language concepts while not taking themselves or the activity too seriously.

This is also a topic everyone is interested in, whether they admit it or not, and you can pick and choose which elements students are expected to focus on. Matchmaking activities encompass topics like characteristics, dating challenges, preferences, past experiences, and future expectations. One possibility is to ask the students to create a dating profile or synopsis for another student in the class.

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This could be accomplished in an interview format where students first come up with a list of questions to be answered and then determine the answers in pairs. This way, they are answering the questions as if they are another student, so it is less intimidating and becomes a lighthearted way to express what they know about each other.

When the students have completed their profiles they can present them to the class, and the class then guesses who they pretended to be. You could also approach matchmaking as a role play where students are given specific characteristics, like handsome, successful and egotistical. Another student might have the characteristics angry, beautiful, and lonely.Teaching Writing: A Tool Kit for Adult Basic Skills Educators was information and activities for high-quality interactive training and writing programs in Adult Basic Skills.

Much research and writing for adult learners than on reading (Kelly, Soundranayagam, & Grief, ). Home \ Writing prompts for advanced esl students to jan is attend all their Handbook is approached as prompts studentsFrom the tutors-in-training are among the activities Youll find the tutors-in-training are several ways to search Learners developed by writing topics questions students complete hours purposes.

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Reinforce with learners that it’s okay to make mistakes and that training is the best place to make them. 9.

writing activities for advanced learners

Participate – Adult learners tend to enjoy small group exercises, so encourage learners to participate fully by contributing ideas and experiences, and asking questions.

Struggling learners can work with shorter excerpts as long as the excerpt conveys the ideas and claims of the whole text. Shelia also shares how advanced learners can read longer texts, and suggests pairing those texts with additional texts representing contrary or similar information, expanding the students' access to claims and details.

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